Get to Know Chad Clark Travel Ventures

Who is Chad Clark?

I’ve been traveling for as long as I can remember. Always looking for the world’s most interesting and exciting experiences. I like to say “I’m an experience junkie!” Years ago, I gave up my corporate life to follow my love for food, wine, culture, destinations, a.k.a. extraordinary travel experiences, and turn it into a business that helps people make the absolute most of their most precious commodity—their time. Take a look at my features in Forbes® and The Cigar Afficionado.

For me, whether I’m traveling with friends, family or alone on a research trip the experience junkie in me just can’t help but share it with my clients and friends. That would be you.

What We Do…

Why just go to Cannes, when you could be walking the red carpet at Cannes? Instead of just exploring the wilds of Madagascar, why not experience and produce your own professional video safari, complete with your own production crew and region’s foremost zoologists.
You’ve earned your place in this world where the finer things are your things. You have a top financial advisor. A top tax advisor. Maybe even a top trainer, nutritionist and stylist. So who plans what you do with your most precious commodity… your time? That would be me and my team.

Travel advisory partnerships are currently restricted to recommendations by current clients and by invitation only.